When the Caregiver Needs Care

I woke up with vertigo – the bed was spinning, the room was spinning.  But that didn’t stop my caregiver responsibilities.  He still needed help going to the bathroom and getting back into bed.  I tried going back to bed but it was worse.  I got up with the hopes the dizziness was less when I was upright.  Plus I had to feed and walk the dog.  Brutal.  It was a short walk.  I had a little tea and toast.  Couldn’t face coffee.

Then time to help him get up and get dressed.  We both need showers but I can’t face it.

Got him some breakfast.  Gave him his pills.  Helped him use the nebulizer.

Vertigo happens when the crystals in the inner ear clump up and get stuck in one place – the wrong place.  I tried the physical maneuvers I found on YouTube that are supposed to move the crystals.  No help yet.  I’ve tried the vertigo medication, which I have for motion sickness.  No help yet.

He needs to go to the bathroom again. It’s good for him since he’s increased the medication that is supposed to relieve the swelling in his feet and lower legs by flushing fluids out of him.  Maybe it’s finally working.  But painful for me to get up and help.

Just like with a baby, caregiving responsibilities don’t stop because you don’t feel up to it.

I am going to let go of anything else that needs to be done.  I will call for help if I need it.  I will try not to feel sorry for myself.   This will pass.  I will muddle through.