Resources and Tips

I've learned a lot over the years of caregiving. Take advantage of what's useful to you.  Lots more to come so check back.

When You Need a Laugh:  Video of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman Dentist Skit

Bathroom Issues

Mobility Issues

Eating Challenges

Thickened Liquids - why not for us

Multiple System Atrophy Information:

Multiple System Atrophy Coalition

MSA general information YouTube Video - Dr. Karen Thomas

MSA general information and symptomatic treatment YouTube Video

MSA Public Facebook Group

This MSA Facebook Group also offers links to regional online and in-person support groups


Tips for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Booklet on Managing Caregiver Stress from Harvard Medical School  (downloadable cost $18 or print version for $20)

Family Caregiver Alliance - Caregiver Programs and Services website


Parkinson's Disease Resources - click for another page devoted to PD resources I've found

Brain & Life, Neurology for Everyday Living - a free magazine for patients and caregivers providing information about the entire spectrum of neurologic problems.  Recent issue had a great article on how to make caregiving a family affair